Valerie Spence Hounsell


I am from a family of artists and their influence, encouragement and creative outlook played a large role in my pursuit of the creative process.


I continue to hone my skills, dabbling in acrylic, pencil and pen and ink. As a self taught artist each piece is an experiment.



The Self Taught Artist


"Each brush stroke can be filled with uncertainty and each piece is a process. " 


 "Growth as an artist is both the most exciting and the most challenging aspect of the process."

Finding Inspiration


Growing up just north of Toronto in a small bedroom community, Valerie migrated east at the age of 28, to live in a remote area north of Napanee. She had alway had a love of the outdoors but it was during this time she began to understand the role that the environment would play in her work. Exploring the acreage, where she was raising her family Valerie found inspiration in the quiet wooded areas of their property.


Kayaking has provided access to some of  South Eastern Ontario's untouched landscapes. Her pieces are mainly inspired by the waterways and countryside but most of her recent art work focuses on lakes, rivers, streams and marshlands.


She has recently settled in the small, historic,  community just north of the city of Kingston. She continues to create in a small, brightly lit, corner of her home that she fondly refers to as The Artist's Studio.


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